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Magpas Charity Firewalk

A wonderful evening supporting Magpas Air Ambulance, as volunteers completed a challenging Firewalk with Firewalk UK

For 2024, the charity of the year that I will be supporting is Magpas Air Ambulance. I give them 2 days of pro-bono per month to capture fundraising events, galas, balls, and corporate and branding photography all to raise awareness of their services with the hope of raising much-needed funds.

In March 2024 I got to join the team of Magpas, and local businesses as they completed an amazing firewalk. Held Firewalk UK in Wisbech, the owner, and lead firewalk instructor Steve Consalvez, took the volunteers through an amazing evening of mentoring, and mindfulness, helping people calm their nerves, and ensuring they safely completed the walk.

Some volunteers even attempted to walk on glass first before tackling the flames.

Magpas Air Ambulance

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