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MagiKats Maths and English Tuition Oundle

Capturing photos of MagiKats Maths and English Tuition Oundle for the Oundle magazine
I had the privilege to accompany Catherine from MagiKats Maths and English Tuition in Oundle for the purpose of capturing compelling photographs intended for marketing and branding purposes. These photographs were also earmarked for publication in Oundle Life, a community interest magazine. MagiKats Maths and English Tuition in Oundle provides a tailored program for students ranging from early years to GCSE. The program is specifically designed to enhance their comprehension of current topics taught in school while also strengthening their foundational skills. This is achieved with a personalized approach to learning, with small group sessions of 4-6 students led by a mentor. By focusing on their specific topics of interest, students can improve their critical thinking abilities and fill any gaps in their core skills. (Magikats Oundle)
Oundal Live - Magikats
A Snippet From Oundle Life, Where The Photos Were Published

About MagiKats

I cannot recommend Nate highly enough! He was discreet, professional and bloody good at what he does. I wanted some images for a magazine article to promote my business. The only difficulty in the whole experience was choosing which of the amazing photos to choose! I cannot thank him enough.
An enthusiastic MagiKats instructor engages a diverse group of students in a dynamic classroom setting, seamlessly blending mathematics and English lessons. With passion and expertise, the teacher guides students through problem-solving exercises and language exploration, fostering a supportive learning environment where curiosity thrives and academic growth flourishes
Catherine Gourlay
Tutor of MagiKats Oundle