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Harvest Barn Peterborough

A wonderful photoshoot at Harvest Barn in Peterborough taking photos for The Fens Magazine. Caution post contains cute photos of baby lambs
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Let me start the story of how I got this shoot, my friend Sonya from Sonya Wardell Mentoring, dropped me a message one evening saying that she had a client in need of some help with photographs for a monthly magazine that goes out in Peterborough, Whittlesea etc, called the Fens Magazine. The editor Natasha needed a photographer who would be up for visiting the wonderful Harvest Barns in Peterborough to create a selection of photographs that would help promote the businesses, that could be used for an editorial in the magazine. She also wanted photographs of the baby lambs.

Now you are already getting a picture of me now are you not, I mean I truly love my animals, yes I’m a business-to-business photographer but I’m always looking for those clients with office pets, and the though of being able to spend time with baby animals, was just heaven for me.

So, que the immediate messaging to Natasha, to immediately secure my spot. A dream day on a farm, working with amazing people capturing gorgeous animals, absolute bliss.

So that’s where we are now, and let me tell you, Harvest barn did not disappoint, it is a truly magical place, I was given free reign as the photographer to get into the pens, meet the animals, of course getting lots of cuddles with the baby lambs, And I even got to meet Pedro, the 1 day old baby goat, he melted my heart, and the more time I spent with him the more he become bolder, getting closer and even letting me pet him, with his mother keeping a watchful eye on him.

I cannot recommend this place enough to people, the café is amazing serving lovely food, the staff are just incredible, and the animals are loved beyond words, there family members to the farm, and its clearly shown in how they interact with people visiting. I’m actually not going to write anymore and just let the pictures speak for themselves.