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Guillaume Lescoliere Personal Branding Photography

A wonderful photoshoot with Guillaume Lescoliere a skilled sommelier, for some personal branding photography.

For this photoshoot, I got to work with Guillaume Lescoliere for a personal branding photoshoot. Guillaume is a professional sommelier, who had flown in from France to visit friends and needed a set of professional photographs for his own personal branding portfolio.

I took the opertuninty of the beautiful location of Cotterstock St Andrew Church to curate a set of beautiful headshots, both full body, 3/4, and chest up, to demonstrate Guillaume’s professional skills and beautiful personality.

Guillaume’s journey is going to be one I will be following for many years, his skills as a sommelier are facinating, and his personality is empowering.

Fantastic photographer who made the process of creating professional headshots an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Absolutely brilliant! Nate is exceptional in his attention to detail.
Elizabeth Ward
Friend Of Guillaume Who Booked The Photoshoot
Guillaume Lescoliere Branding