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CSR Group Company Headshots – Case Study

Leveraging my expertise in professional headshots, I assisted GSR Group in creating a cohesive visual identity for their team across their website, LinkedIn, and marketing materials."

Key Deliverables

  1. Formal headshots for all 34 staff members and senior management.
  2. Casual “Magic Mirror” headshots for each individual.
  3. Branding photos capturing the office environment and team dynamics.
Client Background:

CSR Group is a leading recruitment agency based in Peterborough, specializing in connecting top talent with a variety of industries. With a growing team, CSR Group sought to update their corporate imagery to reflect their dynamic and professional brand. This included headshots for 34 staff members and senior management, along with a unique set of "Magic Mirror" photos featuring both serious and casual headshots for each individual.

Project Brief

CSR Group required high-quality, professional headshots that would be used across various platforms including their website, LinkedIn profiles, and marketing materials. Additionally, they wanted to incorporate a unique element to their photoshoot called "Magic Mirror," where each person would take a serious headshot followed by a casual one to showcase their personality.

Pre-Event Planning

Initial Consultation

  1. Met with CSR Group’s external marketing partner to understand their vision and specific requirements.
  2. Discussed the desired style and tone for the headshots, ensuring alignment with their brand image.

Logistics Coordination

  1. Scheduled the photoshoot in a way that ensured all members of staff were photographed without disrupting daily operations.
  2. Set up a detailed timetable to ensure smooth flow and minimal downtime for staff.

Equipment Check:

  1. Ensured all camera equipment, including backup gear, was prepared and in optimal working condition.
Event Execution

Senior Management and Staff Session

  1. Arrived early to set up the photography studio in a designated room.
  2. Conducted individual headshots for senior management, ensuring their schedules were prioritized.
  3. Utilized the provided logo wall  as the backdrop to provide a selection of formal headshots.
  4. Guided each individual through the "Magic Mirror" process, capturing both serious and casual poses.
  5. Ensured each person felt comfortable and confident to bring out the best in their serious and casual photos.
  6. Took additional branding shots around the office, highlighting team interactions and the modern workspace.
Post-Event Work

Editing and Retouching:

  1. Carefully selected the best headshots from both the formal and casual sessions.
  2. Edited images for color balance, exposure, and minor retouching to ensure a polished, professional look.
  3. Provided a selection of both serious and casual headshots for each individual, adhering to the "Magic Mirror" concept.


  1. Delivered high-resolution images via a secure online gallery.
  2. Provided CSR Group with both individual headshots and a curated collection of office branding photos.


Feedback Session:

  1. Held a review session with the CSR Group’s HR and marketing teams to ensure satisfaction with the final images.
  2. Discussed any additional requirements or adjustments needed.
Results and Client Satisfaction

Client Feedback:

  1. CSR Group was highly satisfied with the quality and variety of the headshots.
  2. Appreciated the "Magic Mirror" concept, which added a unique and personal touch to their corporate imagery.
  3. Praised the efficiency and professionalism of the photoshoot process.



  1. The new headshots and branding photos were quickly integrated into CSR Group’s website and social media profiles.
  2. Positive feedback from staff and external partners who noticed the fresh and engaging visual representation.


Future Collaborations:

  1. CSR Group expressed interest in ongoing collaborations for future staff updates and event photography.