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British Sugar Annual Conference Case Study

A gallery of photos taken supporting one of the UK biggest organisations British Sugar, for there 2024 Annual conference

Key Deliverables

  1. High-resolution images of all key speakers and sessions.
  2. Candid shots of attendees networking and engaging.
  3. Images of product showcases, suppliers and exhibition stands.
  4. Group photos of management team
  5. General ambiance and atmosphere shots.
Client Background:

British Sugar is a leading sugar producer in the UK, with a long-standing history of innovation and sustainability in the industry. The company hosts an annual conference to bring together stakeholders, employees, partners, and industry experts to discuss current trends, innovations, and future directions for the company and the wider industry.

Project Brief

British Sugar's 2024 Annual Conference aimed to foster collaboration, showcase new products and technologies, and celebrate achievements. The client required comprehensive photography services to document the two -day event, capturing key moments, speakers, networking sessions, and the overall atmosphere.

Pre-Event Planning

Initial Consultation

  1. Met with British Sugar’s event coordination team to understand their vision and requirements.
  2. Discussed the event schedule, key moments to capture, and any specific requests.
  3. Conducted a site visit around the Kings Gate Conference Centre to familiarize with the venue layout, lighting conditions, and potential vantage points for the best shots.

Equipment Check:

  1. Ensured all camera equipment, including backup gear, was prepared and in optimal working condition.
  2. Prepared lighting equipment to handle varying conditions within the venue.
Event Execution

Day 1: Conference Opening - Meet The Suppliers

  1. Arrived early to set up and capture the venue as attendees arrived.
  2. Photographed the registration process and candid shots of early networking.
  3. Focused on capturing high-quality images of the suppliers, including agricultural equipment, and AI technologies used within the sugar industry.

Day 2: Keynote Speeches, Exhibitions and and Conference Closing

  1. Focused on capturing high-quality images of the keynote speeches and the audience’s reactions.
  2. Captured detailed shots of the exhibition stands and interactions between exhibitors and attendees.
  3. Took group photos senior management team
Post-Event Work

Editing and Retouching:

  1. Carefully selected the best shots from each session and edited them for colour balance, exposure, and clarity.
  2. Ensured all images were consistent with British Sugar’s brand aesthetics.


  1. Delivered a comprehensive collection of high-resolution images via a secure online gallery.
  2. Provided two versions for immediate use, this included high resolution for print, and web friendly to enhance better webpage experience

Feedback Session:

  1. Scheduled a feedback session with the British Sugar team to review the images and ensure all their needs were met.
  2. Discussed potential areas of improvement for future collaborations.
Results and Client Satisfaction

Client Feedback:

  1. British Sugar expressed high satisfaction with the quality and comprehensiveness of the photographs.
  2. Highlighted the ability to capture both formal and candid moments, which provided a well-rounded visual documentation of the event.


  1. The photographs were used extensively in British Sugar’s internal and external communications, including their website and annual report.
  2. Positive feedback from attendees who appreciated the professional coverage of the event.

Future Collaborations:

  1. Based on the success of the 2024 conference coverage, British Sugar has expressed interest in retaining A Smile A Day Photography for future events.